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  • 2015/03/03

    Chinese version is launched
    You can search salons in both simplified and traditional Chinese!
  • 2015/01/26

    Linkage with Moment Diary
    When you post a salon review on, you can post it on Moment Diary at the same time with a few taps. Moment Diary is a popular free diary app for Android and iOS.
    ※Installing Moment Diary is required to use the function.

    Link to Moment Diary

    News release page(In Japanese)
  • 2014/04/01

    Consumption Tax Hike
    As you are probably aware, consumption tax has risen as of April 1, 2014. Although prices displayed on this site include tax, some service prices have not yet been updated with the new tax rate. If you have any questions, please check directly with your salon!
  • 2014/04/01

    Long or Medium Hair?
    The price of a service sometimes varies from the listed price if the customer has Long or Medium hair. In this case, please make sure to check with your salon in advance.
  • 2014/04/01

    Site Grand Opening!
    Japan's bilingual hair salon search and online booking site has launched. By signing up, users can receive coupon deals from salons and barbershops. We are now accepting and registering shop information. Please send information to to be a part of this growing and exciting network! We have prepared a small gift to show our thanks for those shops who register early.
    Although we are initially launching in Japan, we will be expanding the network to various countries very soon!